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Car and Travel Pack

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Car and Travel Pack

Shewee Car and Travel Pack contains items you will find useful at any journey. It includes:-
  • 1 Shewee Flexi (any colour– A larger, flexible version of the ORIGINAL Shewee! 
  • 1 Peebol Pouch – Urinate into this bag for secure hygienic disposal.
  • 1 Hand Sanitizer (55ml) – useful to have close to hand.
  • 1 QeeZee – Allows men, women and children to feel at eez when feeling QeeZee anytime, anywhere!.
  • Pack of 4 Eco Towels – Stay stink free this season, with the Waterless Eco Towels! They come in a pack of four too, so you and your friends can stay fresh as daisy's.
  • 1 Shewee Dry Bag (Black) – handy bag to keep everything together and dry.

Due to supply issues, we have substituted the Aqua Bag with the Shewee Dry Bag.

The Shewee Flexi! A larger, flexible version of the ORIGINAL Shewee! 

Made by SHEWEE - THE ORIGINAL Female Urination Device since 1999, accept no imitations!

DON'T SQUAT - Stand up and take control, and avoid the filthy festival portable loos, and grim public toilets! Ideal for traffic jams, festivals, women in the military and MUCH more!

REUSABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Made from recyclable Polyolefin, use your extension pipe when wearing bulky clothing. 

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Practice in the shower before taking your Shewee on the road!

FUN & FREEDOM - To pee anywhere with comfort and confidence, don’t let finding the nearest loo hold you back!

PLEASE NOTE - The SHEWEE Flexi fits inside our Extreme case which can be purchased separately. Simply fold in the middle and pop alongside your Shewee pipe inside the case. Due to the flexible nature of the plastic, you will need to manipulate the Flexi back to shape after it has been stored in its case. You can do this either with your fingers, or if possible, in warm water. 


Peebol is the pocket sized toilet that allows men, women and children to pee anytime and anywhere! Private, easy to use, discreet, non-spill, odour free and recyclable. Urinate into your Peebol for secure hygienic disposal.

  • Dimensions: Length: 250mm Width 190mm Depth TBC
  • Holds 1 Litre per bag
  • Watertight
  • Reusable until full
  • Weight: 25g (when empty)
  • Quantity: 1 Bag
  • Odours Eliminated
  • Folds flat (before use) 10cmx10cm x1cm – fits in a ladies purse or back pocket of your pants really easily!
  • Material: LDPE & Paper (The bag, contents and packaging are recyclable)
QeeZee - Allows men, women and children to feel at eez when feeling QeeZee anytime, anywhere! The QeeZee sick bag has an absorbent anti-odour pad and antibacterial granules to absorb the contents without splash back!
The ridged cardboard top allows easy access when in a hurry and confidence if using with one hand. With the gripper top and adhesive strip to seal after use there is no worries about any leakages or spillages!
Also comes with a handy wipe to help freshen up afterwards!
Holds up to 1L/1000ml
Weight (before use):- 48g

Shewee is re-usable, take it everywhere!