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About Us

Providing toilet solutions for women since 1999, Shewee has become possibly the most well known and trusted Female urination device in the world, with one being sold every 3 minutes worldwide.

Invented in 1999 by Samantha Fountain while at university, the Shewee was made as a way to improve trips to toilets for women. The germs, doors that don’t lock, lack of toilet paper; all things that women hate about (the usually disgusting) women’s public toilets can be solved with the use of a Shewee.

The first Shewee was made publicly available in 2003, and since has become fully established in the outdoor market, which is where our passions lie. Due to the long amounts of time spent outdoors, usually in places where toilets are few and far between, the Shewee fell into the outdoor market with ease.

Shewee is now rapidly appealing to ‘everyday’ women who, like us, hate using public toilets and want something to make it easier and cleaner than trying to squat and hover over away from the germs.

Shewee is stocked in a number of high street ‘Outdoor Stores’, along with a growing number of pharmacies and has distributors in a growing number of countries worldwide. Shewee is also extensively used by both British, Canadian and US Armed Forces personnel.


Our Products

In 2013 we introduced the 3rd rebranding of Shewee products, featuring our complete package “Shewee Extreme” which includes an extension pipe and a carry case. We provide 10 different colours to appeal to a wider range of women: AQUA, BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, LILAC, ORANGE, PINK, PURPLE, SAND, WHITE.

We imagine the Shewee Extreme to be for the outdoor woman who just likes to get on with the guys on whatever adventure or challenge is set, to be for the women who just love to shout about Shewee and are proud to be who they are and for the more discreet woman who simply wants to stay clean and hydrated in her day to day life whether she’s driving for work or a shopping trip only offers dirty public toilets.

At Shewee we have also launched the Peebol, which is just as well designed as the Shewee. This portable toilet is for men, women and children and folds completely flat to fit in a pocket or purse. Peebol has been available since the summer of 2013. The Pandemic of 2020 has really highlighted how well the Shewee and Peebol compliment each othe and is now an essential part of everyday life for women.

Finally, in case you miss them, we have also designed a few other select products. All designs come from customer suggestions or requests. Our shewee shorts are very comfortable underwear for women which are both stylish and functional, they have a discreet hole in the front to slip a Shewee through (a bit like men’s Y-fronts) perfect for discreet Shewee use! Please do visit our shop section using the navigation above to see all our products.

Women everywhere are discovering that the benefits of being able to urinate hygienically and discreetly without removing clothes is liberating.


Shewee – be who you are.