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Allows men, women and children to feel at eez when feeling QeeZee anytime, anywhere!

The QeeZee sick bag has an absorbent anti-odour pad and antibacterial granules to absorb the contents without splash back!

The ridged cardboard top allows easy access when in a hurry and confidence if using with one hand. With the gripper top and adhesive strip to seal after use there is no worries about any leakages or spillages!
Also comes with a handy wipe to help freshen up afterwards!

Holds up to 1L/1000ml

How to use…
1. Unroll the pouch and pop open the top
2. Hold the QeeZee close to your mouth/your childs mouth
3. Vomit/be sick with confidence – it holds up to 1litre of fluid
4. The liquid will start to transform to a spill proof gel in just 60 seconds
5. Use the handy wipe to freshen up and drop inside
6. Seal the pouch to contain any odours
7. Dispose of the QeeZee in the next convenient bin.

Weight (before use):- 48g